shadow skin self-portrait

shadow skin self-portrait

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Dark Mother

The Dark Moon in Virgo will occur tonight at 11:30pm our time here in NOLA. When this happens every year it always makes me think of Death and ReBirth through the Tomb > Womb of the 'Dark' (Cosmic / Earth) Mother Goddess, especially depicted as the Black Madonna figures and images found throughout Europe and in many other places around the world. The three categories distinguishing these are: 1. (throughout the world outside of Europe) dark brown or black Madonnas with physiognomy and skin pigmentation intentionally matching that of the local indigenous population; 2. (throughout Europe) various art media that have blackened from deterioration, accumulated smoke from cadnles and incense, aging, weathering, etc.; and 3. (throughout the world including Europe) unexplained phenomenon. They recall the Dark Mother Goddess remembered as Mat Syra Zemlya (Slavic), Zemele (Dacian), Spenta Armaiti (Persian), Kali Ma (Indian), and many others. I have kept a laminated prayer card of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa for many years now, usually on my Altar in my room.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My BLISStopian Vision of a Completely Possible Post-Apocalyptic Future for Louisiana

I have now published this online for free ...
My BLISStopian Vision of a Completely Possible Post-Apocalyptic Future for Louisiana
(120 pages in .pdf format)
Click this link to Read ...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ok Today

Here is a photo from the fortune cookie fortune I got over this past weekend. After a good night's sleep, I now sit here, enjoying the first Morning Mug of Chicory and French Roast Café au Lait I've drunk in months. I feel relaxed and re-energized both physically and psychologically. My body is functioning in a healthy normal way this morning for the first time this year. I'm even pain free at the moment. Here in a bit, when I've finished my morning duties, I'll enjoy working out and doing some yoga while I do a load of laundry. Later I'll get outside in the fresh air and enjoy a walk somewhere Enchanting. I'm not hoping or trying to feel ok today. I actually AM ok today, and I'm relishing every moment of that. Santé!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Irma Last Night

Once inland last night along the Georgia-Alabama border, Hurricane Irma lost strength. Remnants of Irma continue to effect weather conditions throughout the South-East, while flooding and related problems continue in Florida. José has diverted to the North-East away from the upper Caribbean and should dissipate back out in the Atlantic Ocean. Eastern Texas, much of Florida, and where even possible in the upper Caribbean will be trying to recover from Harvey and Irma for some time.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hurricane Irma has been taking an evermore Westwardly tilt and will most likely go inland into Alabama tonight after finishing with Florida today. Should things go that way, Eastwardly Evacuations will no longer be an option, just as Westwardly Evacuations are no longer an option due to the extensive damages already done to Eastern Texas by Hurricane Harvey. This means that from here on, ALL Potential Louisiana Evacuations MUST be to the North [northern Louisiana, Arkansas (inc. Ouachita and Ozark Mountains), and Missouri (Ozark Mountains)]. This hurricane season has been seeing an unprecedented amount of EvacuSTAYtion meaning that there is no where safe and resource viable to evacuate to. It's important to have a Nearby Hunker Down in the Rough Contingency because of this. While it's looking like Hurricane Katia has actually dissipated at this point as predicted Saturday, giving Mexico a break to focus on the horrific damages from its huge earthquake, Hurricane José is expected to hang about the devastated remains of the upper Caribbean for few days, keeping the Gulf locked in. I never EVER pray for Nature to changes Its ways. I DO, however, ALWAYS pray, that We the People change ours so that we might understand and live more naturally and thus truest to our own being. Peace in Troubled Times X

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Elimination of DACA is Unforgivable

In the USA, if you're not 100% Native American, then there is a 99% likelihood that you are the descendant of immigrants seeking refuge here (including MOST of the original Colonial labor force) and/or slaves imported against their will by the elite "1%" class that continues to oppress everyone else even now. It is a complete failure of Modern American Government that DACA has been eliminated. No True American Patriot can possibly support the entirely unethical actions of the CURRENT Federal Government of the USA, including the elimination of DACA.

The Mixed Message

When filling out forms for the Census, Health Care, Employment, Education, etc., in the USA, one is consistently provided with this extremely limited selection with very little variation for demographic purposes: White / Caucasian (Not Hispanic), Hispanic, Black / African, Asian, Native American, and if one is very fortunate, Filipino and/or Polynesian. THERE IS NO OPTION FOR MIXED, aside from “Hispanic”, which is an inaccurate term frequently replaced by the equally inaccurate term “Latino” rather than the much more accurate term Mestizo, meaning a complete and permanent mix of Native Mesoamerican and South American Tribal and specifically Iberian (Spanish and/or Portuguese) Colonial heredity. THE PREDOMINANCE OF MIXED POPULATION IN THE USA IS CONCEALED AND SUPPRESSED BY FORCING CITIZENS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HEREDITIES rather than simply allowing individuals to check off All That Apply. In some cases there is the provision for Other _______ , but this is intended for specific groups like Jewish or Romani / Tsigane rather than as an opportunity for citizens to write out All That Apply, and if one does, those details are typically ignored. Only that Other was checked off is typically accounted for. What is much more accurate than these completely self-defeating demographic lists is to simply acknowledge that MOST OF THE POPULATION OF THE USA IS MIXED. Let's start by eliminating some offensive outdated terminology. People are not White, Black, Yellow, or Red. People of European heredity do NOT originate from the Caucasus, but rather from a region near the Altai Mountains in North – Central Asia and were displaced by ancient Mongol Turkic Tribes a very long time ago, a displacement that eventually generated the Urnfield, Halstatt, and finally La Tene Celtic Tribal Groups throughout Europe. The much earlier Cro-Magnon Peoples found primarily in Northern Spain, France, and Southern Germany had EurAsian characteristics that preclude both European and Asian ethnospecivity. Furthermore, there have been Asians and Africans in Europe since the Roman Empire because of the Old Silk Road and related Spice Routes combined Global Economy, and this aspect of Europe's population was further developed during later European Colonization. ALL of the genetic traits that specify a “European Appearance” are recessive traits ALL HUMAN BEINGS POSSESS that came to the fore in the small isolated region of Europe, which is the only false 'continent' on the globe being more an adjacent geological extension between Africa and Asia. More than 80% of all possible Human genetic traits are still found on the African continent today, the widest spectrum in the world, and only part of the mass of hard physical evidence that Human Beings originated there. Returning the focus to the Population of the USA, aside from the enormous Mestizo Population, most “White” / “European” Americans recognize that they in fact have some Native American heredity as well. The problem is that most are only aware of a few names of Native American Tribes and so they typically choose Cherokee, which is completely inaccurate. Conversely, NEARLY ALL people who claim Native American heredity are significantly mixed with European heredity, but are forced to suppress that part of their ancestry in order to fight for the survival of what little remains of their horrifically oppressed and mostly genocidally eliminated Native American heritage. This type of suppression due to oppression is also true of African Americans, and has been for almost as long, while worse still, those who claim European American heredity are typically encouraged to avoid acknowledging ANY African heredity at all even though in MANY parts of the USA African Americans and European Americans are MUCH more Mixed than anyone admits despite that being immediately obvious historically. Just here in New Orleans alone, EVERY body that has been successfully exhumed from the oldest cemetery St. Peter's (which predates the oldest extant cemetery St. Louis No. 1) in the French Quarter has been genetically tested and proven to be MIXED during the earliest decades of Colonial settlement here in the 18th Century (1700's). Currently there are increasing populations of Asian Americans intermarrying with ALL of the above. TYPICALLY WE SOCIALLY CATEGORIZE EACH OTHER ETHNICALLY BY OUR APPEARANCES, BUT OUR APPEARANCE IS THE LEAST SIGNIFICANT ASPECT OF OUR ACTUAL GENETIC MAKEUP. THE MODERN PERPETUATION OF FALSE ETHNIC DIVISIONS THROUGH COMPLETELY INACCURATE DEMOGRAPHICS IS PART OF THE VERY CORE OF SYSTEMIC OPPRESSION. We MUST acknowledge ALL Mixed Heredities and Unite Here and Now.