shadow skin self-portrait

shadow skin self-portrait

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rougarou Fest

I wish so much that I could be at Rougarou Fest this weekend!
I hope everyone who goes has a great time!
I also hope that someday soon this amazing festival can be financed
by Bayou Preservation Initiatives rather than the Oil Industry that has
nearly destroyed Cajun Livelihood and Culture, traditionally in Deep Harmony
with Nature similar to Native American Traditions, and the True Cajun Legacy
that this Festival is an important Celebration of.

(my photo)

Ruins at (A)LNC

Today I am posting these images I photographed of Ruins from when
(Audubon) Louisiana Nature Center had been open BEFORE
Hurricane Katrina which remain on the park premises now
that it has re-opened again. I find them Beautiful and
like that their presence tells a Resurrection Tale.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Progress Is Made Through Hard Work In Real Life

On the night of Halloween in 1998, I sat on the ground holding a bloody barely coherent African American Woman in my arms after rescuing her from her Latino Boyfriend, who had been beating her into the pavement, while the EMTs prepped her for the ambulance and I translated for her to the Police Officers BECAUSE THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW WOMEN REALLY HELP EACH OTHER WHEN IN NEED. I deeply appreciate the Police Officer who physically engaged the gang leader who was about to rape and murder me in front of everyone because I'd rescued that woman so that I could instead make it home safely after doing my ACTUAL duty as a Person. I happen to be mostly European American and I have proved over MANY years to NOT be useless in the aid of others especially out on the actual streets during real violence. Even after I had gotten crippled I managed to help get a child rapist pornographer raided and arrested across the street from me around my birthday in 2014. What I have been observing in recent years regarding the "Progressive" Movement is that it has become so sexist and racist internally that the Democratic Party chose Hillary Clinton, who could only be made to seem like a good idea to people with no real political history and in contrast to the violent criminal degenerate Donald Trump, over Bernie Sanders because "old white men are evil" antics despite Bernie Sanders having BOTH strong Democrat AND "Third Party" support (which he got even more of once Trump beat Clinton) for good reason. This is in addition to a multitude of African American Women proclaiming "White" (European American) Women as being useless, especially through social media. I am very tired of so called "Progressive" Sheeple of ALL Ethnicities PRETENDING that Peer Popularity and Solidarity are the same thing when they are NOT, and PRETENDING that Propaganda and Aware Action are the same thing when they are NOT. We are actually LONG overdue for cutting the crap, ceasing the social media tag team games, and diverting funds toward initiatives that DO ACTUALLY REDUCE VIOLENT CRIME (inc. domestic) such as supporting Public Education PROPERLY along with Improved Living Conditions Combined with Accountability for Upkeep to genuinely Elevate the Oppressed and Impoverished, as well as funding and maintaining genuinely safe healthy shelters for those who need to be rescued from abusive situations. Abused Women and Children Speak Out Regularly and GET IGNORED OR DENIED by Family and Friends and Usually Everyone, so Sheeple PRETEND No One Knows About the Problem. It Is Denial. Period. Our so called "Progressive" Political Leaders continue to Allow and thus KEEP the Trump Administration Going Strong despite the fact we have the National and International Right to Defend Ourselves with Lethal Force against the Nazis (as established circa World War II), including Nazis in our own government even though our soldiers fought and died to prevent what is happening now with this, and yet so called "Progressive" institutions state that they have to uphold Freedom of Speech for those Nazis while the Patriot Act established by President Bush Junior remains in place still (no "Progressive' Leaders have had it eliminated as a violation of our Constitution yet) which negates Freedom of Speech for every Citizen in the USA. My observations have led me to conclude that the current "Progressive" Movement started committing Suicide before the Trump Administration began its process of Genocide that has only merely begun. Worst Timing EVER!!! Progress Is Made Through Hard Work In Real Life NOT media and social media antics.

As a Woman I have shown up for the Fight every day just by Living. I'm not Blacking Out now, Not Me.

As a Woman I have shown up for the Fight every day just by Living. I'm not Blacking Out now, Not Me.

Social Media Driven Protest vs. Real Action

I find Me Too and the Profile Black Out as offensive as people using Facebook etc to PRETEND to 'Stand with Standing Rock' to show a spirit of support without having to actually be supportive at all WHILE THE ACTUAL PEOPLE ACTUALLY STANDING AT STANDING ROCK WERE BEING SHOT AT AND MUTILATED. While I certainly appreciate the motivations for women who have been and continue to participate in social media driven protests, I have not, am not, and will not participate in Me Too or the FB Profile Black Out or anything similar BECAUSE the men know EXACTLY where all the women are all the time and ALL women really DO know what women go through whether this is admitted to or not. Having been both a victim and a witness to MANY brutal sexual assaults and ongoing severe abuse of many kinds, I know for a fact that social media driven protests are a pointless distraction used to disempower women from taking REAL ACTION to actually stop abuse. I refuse to be a party to the Progressive Movement sabotaging itself from the inside like this across the board. If you want to start a rescue network or a shelter or something real, then please contact me. Thank You.

The Ruins of Fort Proctor

Today I am sharing the Wiki about the Ruins of Fort Proctor.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

An Old House in the Woods

Today I am posting images I photographed of an Old House
in the Woods between the Bayou and the Mississippi River.