Monday, December 18, 2017

A Few Examples of Old Christmas Folklore...

Today for my Spooky Post or Share Challenge (Part 2 through Epiphany) I am presenting a Few Examples of Old Christmas Folklore...
Whatever you remember dreaming or seeing in a vision during any of the Twelve Nights between Christmas and Epiphany will come to pass within the year that has just begun.
It is considered great fortune to be born on during Christmas in most of Europe. Some can see ghosts and spirits. Most let their spirits wander about while they sleep on Christmas Eve every year, and some can wander as spirits whenever they please. In parts of Eastern Europe a child born during Christmas could be a werewolf.
Winter Greenery and Christmas Lights (including candles and hearth fires) are thought to keep away evil spirits.
Place a branch of a cherry tree in water at the beginning of Advent, which will bring luck if it blossoms by Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


In addition to enjoying dance, walking, and/or yoga almost every day, as of today I am starting to give Turmeric a try.
Here's why.
Here's how.

Dark Moon in Sagittarius Tonight

Finishing with the Hunter / Huntress theme with tonight's Dark Moon in Sagittarius, for my Spooky Post or Share Challenge (Part 2 through Epiphany) today I am presenting Bendis. The New > Dark Moon will occur in Sagittarius tonight by NOLA time (-6 GMT) at about 12:30 am (half past Midnight Saturday, 18 December 2017). While traditionally Bendidia the Festival of Bendis has been celebrated 18-19 days after the Dark > New Moon in Taurus during Spring, I think that the Dark > New Moon in Sagittarius in Late Autumn is at least as suitable. The Thracian > Dacian Goddess Bendis has been divided into two aspects by the Greeks: 1. Artemis ( > Diana, Roman) the Lunar Goddess of the Woodland Hunt and Nymphs, which correlates specifically with Sagittarius as well as the Moon in general, but especially the 'horned' /  waxing crescent moon that directly follows the new; and 2. Hecate / Hekate > Circe (Greek and Greco - Roman) the Goddess of Witchcraft and the Underworld, as well as Woodland Nymphs, which correlates specifically with the Dark > New Moon. In this ancient relief, Bendis is shown with Her Consort Derzelas the Thracian > Dacian God of Health, Wealth, Vitality of the Soul, and the Underworld, a sort of Hades – like > Plutonian version of Zeus > Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, essentially a 'dark' or primal aspect thereof. For those familiar with Santeria and related traditions, the union of Bendis and Derzelas is quite comparable with that of Oya and Ochosi the Hunter, the Prehistoric Hunter – Gatherer Predecessor to Shango / Chango the Patriarch of Historic Settled Community Life. (Note: Traditionally the Three Wives of Shango / Chango are Oshun, Oya, and Oba.) Alternate to the bow and arrow of the Archer style portrayals of Artemis > Diana, Bendis has typically been depicted as wielding a torch - headed staff used for hunting, combat, and sorcery as She determines.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Wild Hunt

Following up on the Hunter / Huntress Theme, for my Spooky Post or Share Challenge (Part 2 through Epiphany) today I am presenting the Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt is of ancient European folklore is a night procession through the forest of Elves and Faeries, Totems, and the Dead led by an Ancestral God and/or Goddess of the Hunt (and sometimes alternately the Dead and Netherworld, frequently depicted as wearing either wolves' heads or mountain goat horns or forest deer antlers) that rides out to bestow blessings and gifts upon the people, accept offerings, and collect the souls of the dying and recently deceased. Traditionally the Wild Hunt occurred anytime from Winter Solstice through Twelfth Night, but many modern American celebrants have shifted this to Halloween. While the Wild Hunt lore of Germanic and Scandinavian cultures is probably the most widely familiar, the Wild Hunt is equally integral to Gaelic and Gallic, Roman and Thracian, Carpathian, and Slavic traditions as well. Yuletide, Christmas, and Twelfth Night Processions such as Caroling, Calennig, Colinda, Koliada / Koleda, etc are all remnants of the Wild Hunt tradition found throughout Europe, and in rural parts of Europe still frequently include wearing masks and/or costumes that depict ancient ancestral spirits and totems of the mountain forests. Busójárás, the extraordinary Hungarian masked procession and festival that climaxes on Mardi Gras later in the Winter, is yet another excellent example of the Wild Hunt tradition.
Bonfires, lanterns, and candlelight are sacred customs for lighting the way of these ancient Wild Hunt processions.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 3 of 3 Part 2 of 2: How I Can Relate Better With Others

Day 3 of 3 Part 2 of 2: How I Can Relate Better With Others
Honestly I think that as I become consistent about Part 1 as I posted earlier that will help me feel a lot better about trying to develop relationships of any sort. The other aspect of handling relationships I have been struggling with is relating with other people more considerately and respectfully. Just because I care about and admire someone does NOT guarantee that I'm expressing that well, especially when I have not been feeling good about myself, so I must improve how I am handling this and be consistent about that. The following article is written in very easy to understand terms and generally addresses all of my concerns. Most of these guidelines are applicable to any type of personal relationship, be it family, friend, or lover, as well as how to treat oneself in a lot of ways. I have not consistently lived up to my end of these guidelines mostly because of how I have been feeling about myself, which I am responsible for improving. All the same, getting these principles clearly ingrained helps replace abusive patterns I was subjected to throughout my past with much healthier expressions and expectations. By Being True to Myself and Feeling Good about Me I am more likely to connect with people who are socially compatible with me in many important ways, not only in interests but also in values and even ways of processing information, bonding fondly, and being creative. Note that Compatible means Complimentary NOT 'identical'. Once those connections are being established, most of how to relate well throughout getting to know each other for however long in whatever ways is summed up clearly in this concise handy article, ...
How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Day 3 of 3 Part 1 of 2: What I Can and Must Do to Feel Good About Myself …

Day 3 of 3 Part 1 of 2: What I Can and Must Do to Feel Good About Myself …
At present I have no income / money or transportation. The days when I was being treated to explorations throughout this region are gone, which I will continue to be grateful for and miss a great deal for many reasons. While the area where I am currently living is ok enough, it provides little to none of the Natural and/or cultural resources that suit me. I am both unemployable and cut off from obtaining disability benefits due to lack of health care (including proper diagnostic procedures) for persons on state insurance along with several other reasons I have no control over and must simply accept aside from continuing to politically protest these issues along with millions of other people. Fortunately I am proud and content to be my Daughter's housekeeper, cook, grocery shopper, pet care provider, at home teacher's assistant, and classroom set up / tear down assistant, and am deeply grateful that she values my efforts and support so much while she pursues her intensely demanding career. Other teachers have commented that they wished they had the sort of help I provide, which also makes me proud and at the same time hopeful that they do actually get the support they need from someone asap. I am grateful to my Daughter every moment for allowing me to reside with her in this capacity. We have been through a lot and have worked hard together to create a peaceful, stable, supportive home life in very difficult circumstances. Any income I might ever earn from hereon out will have to come from my creative and/or spiritual pursuits, and would only be possibly in an environment I could move about in freely on my own, primarily as a pedestrian, such as eventually either living in or having regular access to a much more interesting and connected neighborhood or else a small town setting with a hub town cultural environment surrounded by Nature parks. There are too many internet issues well beyond the scope of my existence at this point to consider that a reliable venue in the future, and even at present really regarding more remote environments. Thus, my current home base and subsistence system is set as it is, and will not change unless my environment eventually changes.
My spiritual practices are consistently effective when I consistently adhere to them. My only conflict here has been directly related to my need to sort through my shit psychologically, especially in regards to my medical issues and the impact these issues have had on my sense of self – worth specifically in regards to relationships. I have allowed my frustrations and concerns to overwhelm me too much this year and that has been sabotaging the spiritual processes that would have been helping me heal if I had remained more focused on them instead. I must make more of an effort to balance the flow of my emotions with the focus of my psyche so that I remain clear enough more often than not about what I am experiencing, how I am experiencing it, and why I am experiencing it, so that I can accept and / or adapt how I am living accordingly. Once I have been consistently succeeding with this for some time, then I will feel qualified to be a spiritual adviser, herbalist, and perhaps even massage therapist again, but right now I need to prioritize self – work for that to become a reasonable and responsible role for me to reclaim in the future.
I still enjoy my creative pursuits such as photography hikes, singing (I should do this more), and dancing. I have recently begun dancing again. Dance has been integral to my identity since I was two years old. When I let go of dance I lost my grip on one of my primary anchors and sources of energy in this world. Music is my Native language which I communicate with first through my body and secondly with my voice. While I do not anticipate ever teaching professionally again or probably even performing, it is making a world of difference for me to dance again now for my own pleasure with no pressure regardless of my medical issues. If somehow dancing regularly does eventually heal me enough to be qualified again to take on some degree of professional responsibility as a dance instructor and / or performer again then I will consider how to do that best at that time. Regardless of any of that though, I must keep dancing as a regular part of my personal life no matter what. I have been writing a lot more this year, albeit nothing creative per se, which indicates that I do still have some physical ability to handle writing with a bit of frequency if not regularity. I almost had a story idea at one point this Autumn, but there's been nothing for it since, so if anything, all that is holding me back from creative writing again is a lack of inspiration, which will probably pass.

Today's Tarot Card and Horoscopes

My Coffee and Tarot Card this morning reads "Three of Wands (Virtue): Personal fortitude and strength of character. Accumulated power set in motion towards a distant goal. The initiation of an enduring partnership based on absolute trust. Honor maintained in a time of desperate struggle. Taking full responsibility for a decision, and bearing the solitude of leadership."
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